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FuelFoods: A True Pandemic Business Driven by Passion and Purpose

In a world turned upside down by the pandemic, I, along with my fellow lifelong vegetarian and recent biohacker, embarked on an extraordinary journey. I'm Jada, and the other half of this sibling duo is Jamal. Together, we founded FuelFoods.

Before 2020, I was busy building my own digital marketing agency, while Jamal worked as an insurance broker, helping seniors access quality healthcare. However, when the pandemic struck, both of our businesses suffered setbacks. Witnessing the devastating impact of pre-existing conditions and the lack of overall health, especially in communities of color, filled us with a deep sense of urgency.

In the fall of 2020, a door opened, leading us to the fascinating world of indoor farming. Our curiosity was piqued when we discovered the incredible potential of microgreens—these tiny plants boasted up to 40 times more nutrition than their fully grown counterparts. Inspired by this discovery and driven by our desire to make a difference, we embarked on a journey to convert our modest 285-square-foot garage into a thriving indoor farm.

Our mission was clear: to combat the chronic disease epidemic plaguing America. With rigorous research and countless trial runs, we honed our skills and transformed our garage into a fully functioning indoor farm. Today, we feel fortunate to supply our nutrient-rich microgreens to several neighborhoods across NYC, partnering with esteemed restaurants and grocery stores.

We take immense pride in knowing that thousands of New Yorkers now have access to our fresh produce. FuelFoods has become a symbol of health and empowerment, providing individuals with the opportunity to nourish their bodies with nature's finest offerings.

Join us on this transformative journey. Together, let's fuel our bodies, elevate our communities, and make a lasting impact on the health and well-being of all.

Our Quality: Where quality meets sustainability, and your health thrives with every bite.

At FuelFoods, we're passionate about delivering the best natural foods to your plate. That's why we prioritize organic and Non-GMO practices, ensuring our microgreens grow in harmony with nature—from seed to soil. With no pesticides or chemical additives, our microgreens are nurtured with pure, filtered water and no inorganic fertilizers.

But our commitment doesn't stop there. We're dedicated to regenerative practices, producing abundant compostable material. Currently, our compost is available for community gardens and special donations. If you're interested in our compost, please get in touch at info@fuelfoods.store.

Community Collaboration: Empowering NYC Students

FuelFoods offers an internship program for NYC students, teaching them to grow whole foods, make healthier choices, and develop essential business skills. We're committed to equipping the next generation with AI technology and tools for future job markets. We also provide potential job placement for talented interns with culinary interests through our restaurant partners. Join us in empowering our community through the power of choice. For more information email us at info@fuelfoods.store.

Restaurant Partnerships: Fueling Culinary Excellence

FuelFoods collaborates with restaurants that share our commitment to fresh, tasty, and high-quality foods. For our seasonal catalog and pricing contact us at info@fuelfoods.store.